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haillhydras said: Hey! I was going through the st. john's wort tag and i saw your post about trying that. How's it working for you? I just started last week and I don't really feel any different (I've never been on prescription meds before so I'm not really sure HOW different I'm supposed to feel...o_o), and are you getting any side effects? like right now, i can't stop drinking water like my throat is sooo dry aslkdjfal; thanks in advance haha!

Hiya :) It’s hard to tell, because I’ve used it in conjunction with other things (eg, regular mentoring meetings, eating healthily, improving productivity etc.) it’s hard to isolate. At first I thought it was great, then I had a period of being down, so I wasn’t sure. However, I think it helped take the edge off of my anxiety over Christmas. Also, I recently started taking a version that has an added ingredient (sorry, can’t remember what!- a hormone of some kind) and since starting that my mood’s been a lot better. I have been told that it takes 2-4 weeks to fully get into your system, so that’s probably why you’ve not noticed any change yet!! Side effects wise, I don’t think so, or if I am then it’s nothing that I don’t get due to anxiety anyway, if that makes sense? Never had the dry throat one but then again it changes for everyone! Sorry that was quite vague, hope it helps though :) x

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My new favourite thing to do on the internet when I’m bored is to go onto IMDB, look up perfectly innocent movies, and read the Parents Guide






aristocats… so hardcore


Dora the Explorer really…


we all remember where we were when we found out what “If U Seek Amy” meant… Never Forget.